Brøttum IL G13

Registration number: 1026
Registrator: Stian Undbekken
Primary shirt color: Red
Brøttum IL was one of 14 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Sparebank 1 Cup Valdres 2019. They participated with one team in Gutter 13.

In addition to Brøttum IL, 9 other teams played in Gutter 13. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Brøttum IL could be found in Group A together with Nordre Land IL, Bagn IL 1, Øystre Slidre IL 2 and Slidre/Røn Fotballklubb 2.

Brøttum comes from Brøttum which lies approximately 69 km from Valdres, where Sparebank 1 Cup Valdres takes place. The area around Brøttum does also provide five additional clubs participating during Sparebank 1 Cup Valdres 2019 (Vind IL, Faaberg Fotball, Nordre Land IL, Raufoss Fotball and Biri IL).

4 games played


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